About Us

Staged Well was established in 2021. Each home has its own character and charm and with a dedication to strive, Staged Well is able to ensure to meet our clients needs.

Denise Tidwell, the founder of Staged Well started her eye for elegance when she was an associate of Holt Renfrew, a company known for luxury and fashion. She learned that good quality and proper presentation is the factor that attracts clientele. She pursue her dream when she was offered to managed an optical lab. With 8 years of experience, her passion for elegance, style and art made her realized that her True calling is to make things “SHINE”. She enrolled at Sheridan college and is now a Certified Home Stager. She is goal driven, a good listener and can accommodate your challenging schedules and budget. As a home owner, Denise knows that selling your home can be stressful. With that, she makes sure that the final price will be exactly what is quoted, and service will be beyond your expectation. Each home deserves a fantastic look before putting it in the market and with Staged Well, every dollar spent will pay off for an unbelievable return.